A Letter from Your Future Self

You are sitting in a quiet, comfortable space and it seems like time is paused…

You see a high school graduation picture of your oldest child. Their pride is evident, and they are emanating a sense of self-worth and determination. 

Another picture nearby captures the deepest hug they have ever given you. It’s not an “I need you” hug (like they might give you today in their earlier years), but a hug filled with sincere gratitude that says, “thank you for getting me here” before they left for their next grand adventure.

Tears well up as you realize that when you held your child for the first time, you imagined this future for them and vowed to make it a reality. 

They are okay. They are MORE than okay. They are thriving.

You suddenly feel the presence of someone else behind you. Their energy feels familiar… and wise.

You take a deeper look and find a face looking back at you. It’s the same face you see every morning in the mirror…It’s YOU! 

This older version of you smiles warmly and speaks.

“It’s true, your child is thriving. You did this.”

They take your hands in theirs and dive into stories of all that your child has gone through on their journey to this future:

The mental highs and lows of childhood and adolescence. 

How they faced down fears, stood back up countless times when they felt knocked down.

Times they shared with the world who they were and found their footing, even through ill-intentioned laughter and ridicule.

With a spark in future you’s eyes that could only come from the wisdom they’ve gained through all their experiences, they then affirm something you haven’t told anyone:

"I know you are deciding if you should step into the unknown for the promise of more parental fulfillment and impact. 

I remember being where you are now, wondering if testing an unproven method was a good use of time. Of all the parenting tactics you will employ, this is the one no one talks about, but it ends up being the ONE decision and commitment that changed everything. This future you’ve now seen for your child and your relationship with them is living proof that it paid off.”

Before you can ask what this big decision was, future you sees the curiosity dancing in your eyes and smiles knowingly. 

“Everything changed when you decided to embrace a community that believed in you before you fully believed in yourself. You surrounded yourself with people who shared a new idea, and who held you accountable to be your best. They supported you with actionable tools and resources to help you amplify your parental impact and deepen your relationship.”

And the doorway to this new world? It’s closer than you think...” 

With a hand to their heart, they fade away, leaving you alone with your thoughts… the possibility of what could be.

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We believe in storytelling. We believe we have immense power as parents and caretakers of children. We believe that we can inadvertently yield that power to others if we don’t intentionally leverage our ability to tell them a story about themselves. We believe that when we understand and take control of our opportunity to influence what our children believe about themselves; that we can embed kindness and an intrinsic sense of self-worth in our kids. We believe there is NO single “right” story or way of telling our story. We believe our stories will be as diverse as our children are and that to honor our children, we need to do the work to arrive at the story that speaks to who they are at their core. We believe the fabric of humanity is colorful, dynamic and elegantly textured. We believe we must treat ourselves and each other with empathy as we navigate this journey. We believe that much of this will feel new and we’ll never feel like we’ve “got it down.” We believe we can help ourselves and each other be the parents we aspire to be. We believe this storytelling method is not necessarily new, but it IS important. We believe intention + consistency are the keys. We believe in sharing what is working and what is not. We believe it’s important for our children to experience challenges in their lives. We believe it is our job to prepare them for the journey. We believe in a future where hearing derogatory things about yourself from external inputs is NOT required. We believe in more for our kids and for humanity. We believe that while we are creating that future, having an anchor story and word will create resilience in our kids. We believe we can feel confident as parents. We believe the hustle of parenting to provide for, protect, equip, and manage our kids can turn us into stress balls. We believe it’s easy to get distracted from doing the work to instill a sense of self-worth and kindness in our kids. We believe storytelling can be fun and ignite our own creativity, joy and personal fulfillment. We believe parents should have a tribe who helps them determine the next tactic in their storytelling journey. We believe parents should never suffer “how do I do this?” confusion. We believe we can help each other to be our best parenting selves… and still laugh our asses off. We believe the collective is greater than the number of parents within it. We believe in curiosity. We believe every shared meal, car ride, win, loss, challenge and bedtime is an opportunity to reinforce the story. We believe we should avoid killing the magic of the story by talking too much. We believe every parent wants their kid to feel unconditionally loved, happy, and self-assured; even if they are not yet equipped with the tools to help their kids toward that future. We believe there are two kinds of parents; those who are telling their children an intentional story, and those who have yet to start. We believe we can reverse tragic depression & bullying behavior trends. We believe in each other. We believe in you. We believe that together we can heal our troubled culture within a generation if enough of us adopt this storytelling method. We believe it’s more FUN when there’s more people doing it. We believe there is always a choice and we choose LOVE. We believe that our kids will thank us 30-40 years down the road when they realize how much this story helped them navigate the untrue and unkind things said about them. We believe that if we should die before that day comes, we will die knowing we have done our best for our children AND humanity.